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Hi Community!
I need to built a report showing the total resolved by month of a specific issue type (Investigation) where “SOAR Automation” commented something versus not.

When he comments

Then it count for 1 only if his answer is not: No hit on provided domains.
I need to focus on what he found.

The interpretation looks like for example: in August, for 15 investigation closed, SOAR Automation user found something on 8.
I don’t mind the number where he didn’t find anything.

My internal Atlassian team don’t know if it’s possible to and a report with an exception like this, so I need your help.


Hi @Staife

By default, information from comments is not imported into eazyBI.
However, you may want to create a JavaScript calculated custom field to retrieve and analyze comment information. Based on comments information (if there is a comment that meets your criteria), assign a value Yes or No in this custom field (e.g. name it “SOAR Automation finding”).
Then import this custom field as a dimension and use it in a report as any other dimension: select dimension “SOAR Automation finding” value “Yes” in the report together with measure “Issues resolved” to count resolved issues having the needed comment.

Advanced settings for the field:

#SOAR Automation comment analysis
name = "SOAR Automation findings"
data_type = "string"
json_fields = ["comment"]
javascript_code = '''
---write your JavaScript code there---

There are some examples of how to access comment information using JavaScript fields:

You may find related topics in the community page on how to retrieve comments information:


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