Specific Item Type and Subtask Report (I Am So Close)

Trying to create a report where user selects a Sprint and have the report only shows a certain item type (in this case item type = Regression Failure) and then all the sub-tasks under those items.

The report would then sum up the Hours Spent for sub-tasks of item type = Dev Task and separately sum up the Hours Spent for sub-tasks of item type = QA Task. So for each Regression Failure item you get the total Hours Spent on the Dev Tasks and QA Tasks.

I think I am so close as I got the report below and it has most of the elements, but I’d like to filter out everything that is not a Regression Failure or sub-task of a Regression Failure and then get thte totals I described.

Calculated Measures

Please help.


Hi @Speedydgon,

You might try another approach using the ink field dimension. The idea would be to import the Issue type of parent issue as a separate dimension to filter “Regression Failure” data for the report.

  1. In eazyBI advanced settings, add code to import issue type of parent issues and import data.
    The code might look like this:

    name = "Parent Issue Type"
    source_dimension = "Issue Type"
    issue_id_column = "subtask_parent_id"
    group = "Linked issue dimensions"

    Please see the documentation for more details on how to import issue link field dimension: Issue link field dimensions - eazyBI for Jira.

  2. On report pages, set the new dimension “Parent Issue Type” and select issue type of parent issues “Regression Failure”.

  3. On report rows, set dimension “Issue Type” to group hours by sub-task issue types “Dev-task” and “QA task”.

  4. On report columns, you can use the standard measure “Hours spent”.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com