Sprint End Date and Story End Date (Due Date)

Hi EazyBI team!

I’m a fairly new user of the platform and I’m currently trying to build some logic out of MDX.

I’d like to create a chart that shows Stories that are “At Risk” of not being completed by the end of the Sprint.

My take would be to use a CASE WHEN function where if the Story End Date is > Sprint End Date THEN the specific story would be counted as “At Risk” among the total number of stories part of the Sprint.

The following is the result I had, I can’t understand why the difference between the two dates is read by EazyBI as mm dd yyyy.


Also, is there a way to completely automate this process? For example if a certain story is not in a certain status by a certain number of days before the end of the Sprint, then it should be marked as “At Risk” (That’s a possible way of seeing it but I’m totally open to suggestions)

Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks!

Hi @gvaldata

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

Dates are compared using logical functions, for instance, DateCompare() .

To print out for issues if they have risky end dates, you may create a measure with the following calculation formula:

     DateCompare([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get("End Date"), 
        [Sprint].CurrentMember.get("End date"))>0
     "At risk"

For automatization, you may want to write another measure with a condition: if today there are N1 days until the end of the sprint and the issue currently not in status then print out “At risk” for the issue.

 DateDiffDays(Now(), [Sprint].CurrentMember.get("End date"))<5
 [Measures].[Issue status] <> "Done"
 "At risk"

You may create this case when construction with more branches or more detailed conditions (different number of days/statuses).


Ilze / support@eazybi.com