Sprint Start and Actual Start are the same

I’m having trouble finding documentation to help me troubleshoot this discrepancy or rather lack of discrepancy. Sprint Actual Start Date should be different from the the planned Sprint Start Date as noted in documentation, but as you can see in this screenshot of some example sprints from a board, they are identical to the second. All I have done to the out of box metrics is change the formatting to include time stamps.

I’m also surprised that the activated date is not available in the API

Is this a limitation in cloud? I haven’t found any kind of automations starting sprints at the second they are scheduled or anything like that in this environment.

The reason this matters is the sprint metrics are off. I have a team that added stories to a sprint before they actually activated the sprint, but because it was just minutes after the planned start (which is what is being reflected as actual), these are being counted as “Added Story Points”. I have verified that this metric looks at the sprint status specifically, not even the dates themselves, which makes this even more interesting.


It is a limitation of Cloud. Jira rewrites the attribute “start date” for already started (and completed) sprints as soon as the sprint is started. And there are no “old” start dates as attributes on the cloud on issue-screen for sprint field.

eazyBI can not see the previous “start date” for started and completed sprints, so it rewrites the “Sprint start date” with the actual sprint start date.

Martins / eazyBI.

Turns out the team in question was setting the sprint start time in the past when they clicked “start sprint”, so this was a wild goose chase. Thank you!