Sprint Velocity Chart with a custom field


My project uses a custom field to track story points committed and completed, “Story Points**” instead of the default field in JIRA for committed/completed story points. How do I recreate the sprint velocity chart that comes “out of the box” in eazyBI? The one that uses “Sprint Story Points Committed” and “Sprint Story Points completed” in the Measures section, but instead have the visual refer to the “Story Points**” custom field.

Hi @JET32,

You can import numeric custom fields in eazyBI and create similar calculations to the sprint scope metrics.

  1. Import the custom field “Story Points**” as a measure and mark to import value changes.
    During data import,eazyBI will create new measures for analyzing historical data; see the documentation: Import issue change history

  2. In the report, build new calculated measures similar to Sprint scope measures but using the measures for “Story Points**” field (Calculated measures).

Check out those two community posts for more details and calculation examples:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Roger that. Thank you!

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