Sprint velocity for Development only vs Resolved

I do need help.
I am trying to calculate velocity only for Development pf the stories. I am trying to find a way to calc story points for stories went into Dev In Progress and then into Ready for QA between Sprint’s start date and end date. Story points at closing does not give me that. I try to use DateBetween for first transition date but unsure what measure I should be calculating.
I cannot find a decent Documentation on Dimension and Measure reference and trial and error tales long time which interferes with my primary job responsibility.
I need help!
My formula for cumulative resolved for development only does not show the correct story points that went from Dev In Progress to Ready for QA. I don’t know how to calculate only this sprint transitions to Ready for QA.
([Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],
[Transition Status].[Ready for QA])
The goal is to be able to evaluate the velocity of Dev team vs QE team which are 2 different teams.