Story Points by Status

hi I am working on the Ideal version Progress Report

I am trying to Run a measure that takes the total story points ( Done + Closed) – Story Points Done* by status and not by resolution
And then add it to the following measure.
Cumulative Story points Done
[Measures].[Story points Done*]

Here is the code I wrote down but have some issues with it
How should the CurrentMember.GetNumber be written it should run on a weekly Timeline.

[Issue.Advanced Roadmaps].CurrentMember.GetNumber(‘Status ID’) = 10509,

Hi @snass,

You may see Story Point value by status using historical measure “Story Points history” and dimension “Transition Status”. This combination shows how many story points were in each status at the end of the period (day).

To get the sum of how many story points are done at the end of each period, use a tuple construction of transition Done and measure “Story Point history”:

( [Measures].[Story Points history],
[Transition Status].[Done] )

More details on calculated measures are here:

You might want to check out the “Story points flow in Sprint” report where this approach is used: Story points flow in sprint - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Zane /