Version Report with cumulative SP's per status

Ok my bad, meanwhile I did finally get to land on this one: Story Points by Status which pretty much answers my original request.

I do have another question that popped up since then though and remains unanswered:
On the same graph, you’ll notice the “Story Points History” curve, but I realized that this curve represents when the story itself was created, but doesn’t consider when the story was included/removed from the fixversion?
Concrete example: I have 2 months of development for my release, and I add a 10 SP ticket in scope in the middle of my release timeline;… but in fact that ticket was in the backlog (and estimated) for 6months already…  On the graph, you won’t see a rise of 20 SP’s in the middle of the 2 months dev period as I would have expected/hoped… It’ll look like the ticket was in the release since the very beginning (based on the ticket&SP creation date). Would you see a way to change this?

Is the history of fixversion field value available? and if so, how to leverage it?