Surface Customer Facing Status in the Report (jira service desk)

When using jira service desk, we utilize the concept of different statuses on tickets that are viewable in the support portal.

I would like to be able to report on these instead of the normal “status”

Attached is a screen shot and arrow for reference.

This may be a new feature request. I can’t find it as a customfield in jira nor in the service desk import fields.

Hi @jeffb,
Currently we don’t have this option for Jira Service Desk, but you can create aggregate members or just a member with different name in Status/Transition Status dimension to represent Customer facing Status in eazyBI.

Similarly on what you are doing in Jira Service Desk to configure them, you then should need to do the same in eazyBI.
But if this doesn’t meet your requirements, it would be useful to hear more about your use case and why this would be needed and in which cases.

Gerda //