Target Start Old Values


I am trying to show the history of the target start in a report, but without success yet. I do not have the option to check the value changes at target start in the Jira import options by Advanced Roadmaps Custom Fields. I did see that option would be available.

Creating a new measure ( [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Target Start old values’)) does not work in this either. Probably because it does not import the value changes.

Hi @JVerhoef,

Advanced Roadmap fields “Target start” and “Target end” have their specific data type, and therefore historical values are not imported by default in eazyBI.

However, you may enable the option to import old values for those date fields:

  1. In eazyBI advanced settings, add additional parameters describing the data type and field changes for “Target start” or/and “Target end” fields:
    data_type = "date"
    changes = true
    Note the NNNNN is the “Target start” custom field id in Jira. More details on advanced settings are here: Advanced settings for custom fields.
  1. Go to import options and mark “Import value changes” for the Target Start field. Import data.

  2. After data import, there is a new issue property “Issue Target start old values” in the Measures section available for your reports.