There are bugs in data presentation?


This is my setting code, i tried to use “_” split this field, but something is wrong.

Below is my data presentation

Why is some data displayed as null but still counted in the sum? I found through the query in JIRA that this data does exist. Why is this the case? I also imported the Source data again, but it still can’t be done, please help me!

In addition, some data in JIRA are upper-case and lower-case, for example, UNISOC_XXXX, Unisoc_XXXX

Does this affect the presentation of the data?

Hi @flashx,

The difference in upper and lower case is why you retrieve empty metrics for some of the values. I recommend defining a new JavaScript calculated custom field with similar parameters as you currently have for the custom field. With the help of JavaScript code, you can transform the field value to all upper case with the toUpperCase() method.
Before you proceed with this, deselect the custom field 10166 from import. The parameters could look similar to the ones below. Then, add them to the eazyBI advanced settings, replacing the current parameters for field 10166:

data_type = "string"

data_type = "string"
dimension = true
name = "CHANGE NAME"
levels = ["platform", "mainChip"]
split_by = "_"
javascript_code = '''
  if (issue.fields.customfield_10166) {
    issue.fields.customfield_platform = issue.fields.customfield_10166.toUpperCase();

Update CHANGE NAME with the desired name for the JavaScript calculated custom field. After updating the eazyBI advanced settings, select the field 10166 and the newly defined JavaScript calculated custom field for import.

See more details regarding JavaScript calculated custom fields on the eazyBI documentation page - JavaScript calculated custom fields.

Roberts //