Time bands created issues

Hi community
I would like to create a report that brings me back the time bands of the issues created, let me explain better.
I would like to analyze all the issues created in a year and know each issue in which time slot it was created, perhaps it is simpler looking at the table below:

Thanks !!
Francesco V.

Hi @Fra

Be default, issues creation hour is not imported as separate dimension or Time dimension level, but a precise creation time is available.
Thus, you can calculate, using JavaScript custom fields, a new field Hour and import it as a new dimension.
Please follow the suggestions in another community thread: Generate count of issues created per day and per hour

Ilze / support@eazybi.com

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I followed your colleague Janis’ instructions in the link.
I created a new dimension via Javascript.
I created the report as desired.
Below is an img of my report:

Thank you for your help.