To fetch the field value of Story using Sub Task

If we are doing governance of incidents using JIRA and using Story and Sub Task basis. In the attached images Stroy has recovery action however sub task does not so is there a way we can populate Recovery Action information in EazyBI from the Story to its subsequent Subtasks?

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There is an option on how you can pass down the Parent custom field value to Sub-tasks. It is limited to any Single value dimensions and values only (not the history).

You can use update_from_issue_key as an additional parameter in advanced settings for passing down the custom field value. We suggest creating a new calculated JavaScript custom field to copy the value from the original field, and then use it instead.

Please check out community post an example: Aggregate story points on stories under a epics grouped by a custom attribute
Only, in your case, as you do not use Epic link, but Parent - Sub-task link for passing down the value, use update_from_issue_key="parent_issue_key" (not “epic_key” as in the example).

After importing this field as a dimension, use it in reports as any other custom field that has values in all level issues.

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Hi @ilze.leite

I have a similar requirement wherein I’m trying to pass down a numeric field from story to sub-task. Please note this numeric field is only available on story and not on the sub-task.

A bit confused on this part -

What should be entered in parent issue key?


Hi @biyaniabhi

Passing down some classification value is needed to filter lower-level issues by their epic or feature value. Then passing down the value allows using this dimension in Pages as a filter.

In the case of measures (as usually numeric fields are imported and used as measures), it is not applicable, as measures are stored differently. Also, I do not see how do you want to use them in the report? Usually, numeric values are aggregated from lower-level to higher. Would you mind elaborating your use case?

Answering your question generally, this setting should be used “as is”, nothing should be entered instead of parent_issue_key; it signifies by what key the linkage between issues should be used.

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