Total time spent of issues within sprint

I would like to see total hours spent for all the issues within sprint. Some of the issues span multiple sprints so when looking at the sprint in which the issue was closed, I’d like to see all hours spent on this issue, not only the hours spent within the last sprint.

Thanks in advance!

Bumping this question - still needing help about this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @JurgenT,

To get the total number of “Hours spent” from issues in the Sprint they were closed, try creating a new calculated measure with the formula below:

    [Measures].[Sprint issues completed] > 0
  ), ([Measures].[Hours spent],[Sprint].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember)

It will get all the issues that were completed in the current Sprint and sum up the “Hours spent” in those issues disregarding the current Sprint.

Visit the eazyBI documentation page for more information on calculated measures -

Roberts //

Thanks - it’s working as intended!

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