Total Time Spent with Time context

Hi there,

I’m struggling to get the hours spent form my Epics’ child issues by Time context.

In Rows I have 3 dimensions:

  • Issue – here I take a calculated member [Issue.Advanced Roadmaps].[Master Project]
  • Country
  • Advanced Roadmaps Epic

In Pages I have 3 dimensions:

  • Time
  • Logged by Team
  • Project State

Total Hours Spent as Measure:

    [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Hours spent')
    [Measures].[Hours spent],
    [Issue Type].[Epic]

This actually returns me all Epic’s child issues hours + Epic’s hours. but if I put Time as Page filter and select any period, it does not change anything but for the Epic’s hours.

Output sample:

-All Master Project | UK | Epic A | 10
-All Master Project | UK | Epic B | 5
-Master Project A | UK | Epic A | 150
-Master Project B | UK | Epic B | 100

1. I wish I could have only:

-Master Project A | UK | Epic A | 160
-Master Project B | UK | Epic B | 105

2. Instead of showing the total time, I need to show the total time depending on the timeframe selected with Time in Pages.

Any help much appreciated, thank you!

Hi @MikeS ,

The reason your formula doesn’t work is because you are using the issue property (Issue Hours spent), instead, you should use “Hours spent” and it will interact with the Time dimension as well.
Make sure you use the Epic Country custom field instead of your original “Country” field to be able to filter your results. The “Epic Country” field import is described here (Filtered Epics + Child issues + Sub-tasks Hours)

Best wishes,

Elita from

Effectively! Thanks @Elita.Kalane :+1: