Transition date to a state in a previous sprint

Hi, I have the following issue:

I have the following data that corresponds to my sprint number 20 and they are story.

My workflow consists of

Backlog → Refined Backlog → Development in Progress → Development Finished → Test → Done

These issues that you see here correspond to my sprint number 20 and are currently in finished development. However, I would like to know the date on which they transitioned to the refined backlog state (sprint 19). I have tried the following measurement.

([Measures].[Transition to status first date],
[Transition Status].[Refined Backlog],

But I have not been successful, the information is shown for some tickets and not for others.

In short, I would like to know the date of transition to the refined backlog state independent of the filters in the pages section.

like the “extra” table shown as an example.

Hi @Marcelo_Ignacio_Cid1 ,
The historical measure (like “Transition to status first date”) will take into account also a selection from the Sprint dimension. Thus you can adjust your formula to this, so the sprint filter is ignored:

([Measures].[Transition to status first date],
[Transition Status].[In Review],

Add some Sprint scope measure if you wish to filter you issues by Sprint dimension (e.g. “Sprint issues committed” or “Sprint issues at closing”): Jira Software custom fields

Gerda //

Hi @gerda.grantina
I’m sorry to bother you again.

I would like to create a measure that allows me to know if an issue previously passed (in the previous sprint or prior to that) to a particular state (Ready to deploy). That is, if the ticket was in the ready to deploy state outside the sprint that I am analyzing (I am filtering the sprints in the page section)

Hi @Marcelo_Ignacio_Cid1 ,
You can check this answer to a similar question: