Trying to crate an avg of issue

trying to crate an avg of issue

i have a type of measure that counts a filed cold Configuration issue created
i like to crate an avg of this parameter per num of jira ticket of the same scope

sum of Configuration issue / num of jira in the same scope

how can i do that?

for ref in looks like this

scope Configuration issue created
x 20
y 30

each scope contains diffrent num of jira ticket

so if x contains 10 jira id like to get avg = 20/10 = 2


If “Configuration” is a numerical field in JIra, make sure you import this field as measures from the import options page.
That would create new measures “Configuration created” which would return the sum of the Configuration field values for all issues created in the report context.

Then create a new calculated measure using this formula:

[Measures].[Configuration created] / [Measures].[Issues created]

Martins / eazyBI

it doesn’t work for me for ex.
i have configuration sum =1 who came from one jira so i should get 1 in the avg
but i get 0.05 instead

the avg make no sense i use this in my average
: [Measures].[Configuration issues created] / [Measures].[Issues created]


What other dimensions do you use in your report layout (rows, columns, page filters)?


Can you add the measure “Issues created” in columns (as 3rd measure) for your report and send me a screenshot with 3 measures in your report?
Could it be that there are issues without Configuration issue value?

Martins / eazyBI


just to clarify not all issue created as the parameter configuration issue

That is the real reason why you don’t have expected average results.

Please use advanced settings to define “Configuration issues” as a separate dimension. Then select to import new dimension in the eazyBI cube.
See how to import numerical field as dimension: Sprint Point Wise categorization - #3 by lauma.cirule

Finally, use this formula for final your calculated measure:

[Measures].[Configuration issues created] 
	[Configuration issues].[Configuration issues].Members, 
		[Configuration issues].[(none)]
	[Measures].[Issues created]

Martins / eazyBI