URL Parameters for Page Selections

Would it be possible to implement URL parameters for Page selections in EazyBI so you can share / embed reports and dashboards with different default selections?

We have a set of reports and dashboards for our programs (products) and there are 30+ programs in flight at any one time. It would be awesome to just have 1 of each report / dashboard and be able to share a link for a specific programs with something like:

  • jira/plugins/servlet/eazybi/accounts/5/cubes/Issues/reports/648-program-forecast-ticket-count?program=ProgramA
  • jira/plugins/servlet/eazybi/accounts/5/cubes/Issues/reports/648-program-forecast-ticket-count?program=ProgramB
  • jira/plugins/servlet/eazybi/accounts/5/cubes/Issues/reports/648-program-forecast-ticket-count?program=ProgramC
  • etc.

rather than having to create 30+ preconfigured reports or rely on people picking the correct program from a select list.

Tableau has this functionality and it’s incredibly useful.



Hi @a_frayling,

The eazyBI supports the addition of the page selection within the URL of the embedded report.
You might go to the embed report option and modify the URL by adding the selected_pages parameter.
Please read more about that here - URL parameters.

Please see an example below -


Oskars / support@eazyBI.com

Thanks @oskars.laganovskis , sorry totally missed this in the docs :man_facepalming: