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Hi, Robert

Let me assure that the collection of the group picker field history is not quite trivial :slight_smile:

The challenge is that eazyBI can support only the value change import for single-value fields. The group picker fields in Jira issue history are recorded as if they were the multiple value field even if you have the single selection group picker:

A couple of steps are needed to record the history correctly.

  1. Add the configuration parameter explicitly telling that this field is not multiple value field:

The import of history now will work. Still, you will see that additional members will be created in the dimension with the brackets (those members are generated from the history records, as those records look like arrays):

  1. Now, we need to preprocess the history records with the custom Javascript code to eliminate the brackets:
      if (historyItem.field == "Group Assignee") {
        if (fs) {
        if (ft) {

Use the correct name (not ID) of the custom field in the code. The code is needed in the additional options of the data source:

Now, after a clean data import (with empty cube option), the result should be fine:

Janis, eazyBI support

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