Want to create a report on cycle time with assignee last commented feature

I need to create a cycle time report for the past 6 months in which I need a feature like last comment by assignee instead of transition status or remaining features.Is this possible?

eazyBI does not import comments by default. However, you can access them during import and use javascript to describe what you would like to import.

Here I added two definitions for Assignee last comment (could be imported as property) and Assignee comment date (could be imported as measure and property). Both fields are using a common javascript code via field Assignee comment date:

name = "Assignee last comment"
data_type = "text"

name = "Assignee comment date"
data_type = "datetime"
measure = true
javascript_code = '''
var commenta = new Array();
var allcomments = issue.fields.comment;
if (issue.fields.assignee) {
 var assignee = issue.fields.assignee.key; // get assignee key
 if (allcomments && allcomments.comments ) {
   var comments = issue.fields.comment.comments;
   for (var i = 0; i < comments.length; i++) {
    var comment = comments[i];
    if( comment.author.key == assignee ){ // validae if comment auuthor is the current assignee
     issue.fields.customfield_comment_date_a = comment.created; // fill in comment date
     issue.fields.customfield_comment_a = comment.body // fills in assignee last comment as well
  1. Add the custom fields definitions to eazyBI advanced settings or ask Jira administrator or eazyBI administrator to do this for you. eazyBI advanced settings are common for all accounts, and only Jira/eazyBI administrators have access to the settings.
  2. Open source data Jira import options for edit after changes in advanced settings and select the custom fields Assignee last comment and Assignee comment date for import and run an import.
    You can import Assignee last comment as a property and Assignee comment date as a measure and property. Use measure Issues with Assignee comment date to filter issues with assignee comment over time.

Here is a report example with this:

Here are more examples on how to import comments into eazyBI:

Daina / support@eazybi.com