Weekend transitions - Workdays in transition status

Hello eazyBI team,

What would happen if someone transitioned a ticket on a weekend or by someone in a different time zone? Would those transitions still be considered while calculating the “Workdays in transition status” measure ?

Thank you!

Hi @Karthiga_Sethuraj,

eazyBI, by default, imports the dates with the server timezone.
You can configure the time zone in the eazyBI data source if you wish to convert the time from the server time zone to some other or specify different working days: Jira Issues Import - eazyBI for Jira.

So the workdays in transition status count all days except the configured weekend days, by default based on the Jira server timezone settings.
See also a similar question here Issues with different update date - #2 by janis.plume.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com

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Hey Lauma,

Thank you for your response. Sorry but my question is still unanswered. Let me rephrase it. I calculate Cycle time using the start and end date/time of a ticket’s transition in JIRA. In this case, if a ticket is transitioned to the start status on a Sunday, would eazyBI exclude the Sunday from the Cycle time calculation ? Similarly if a ticket gets transitioned to the end status on a Saturday. Would Saturday be excluded from the Flow time calculation.

Please clarify.

Hi @Karthiga_Sethuraj,

Yes, you are correct. When eazyBI calculates the duration in working days, it considers the day of the week and holidays (Jira Issues Import - eazyBI for Jira). So if the start date were on Sunday, eazyBI would start from Monday at 12:00 AM and, similarly, finish on Friday at midnight.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com