Wrong Issue SLA Due Date

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I’m working on SLAs and I would like to use the property “[Measures].[Issue “SLA Name” Due date]” (created by eazyBI when I select “Import all SLA dimensions and measures” in the Import Settings). This property is filled only when the SLA is running or paused but the problem is “what is the exact moment this property refers to?”
I try to explain it better: sometimes this property refers to the updated date of the issue. So, If I update an issue at 14/04/2023 15:24 and the SLA Remaining is 1h then the Issue SLA Due Date is 14/04/2023 16:24.
I noticed that sometimes this SLA Due Date doesn’t refer to the time when the issue is updated. Infact despite nothing has changed after the last update (no transitions, no field changes, SLA is still paused) I get a wrong SLA Due Date. Have a look at this example:

Last Update: 27/03/2023 3:27PM
Last transition: 27/03/2023 3:27PM
SLA Remaining (on Jira): 79h 58min
SLA Status: Paused

Issue SLA Due Date (EazyBI): 21/04/2023 12:28:33 (it doesn’t change when importing new data into eazyBI since there are no updates for this issue)

If it is true that the Issue Due Date SLA is always calculated at the time of last update I would expect this due date to be 12/04/2023 10:25 AM (= 27/03/23 3:27PM + 79h 58min) considering the business calendar.
What I don’t understand is why eazyBI reports me 21 April instead of 12 April as Due Date.

Does anyone know what is the logic behind this date calculation in Jira/eazyBI? I’ve been told that eazyBI does not calculate Due Date because it retrieves the already calculated date from Jira.

Just for you to have a complete overview: If I take one of these issues (affected by error) and I update it, during the next import the SLA Due Date works fine since Due Date is calculated again, this time correctly.

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“[Measures].[Issue “SLA Name” Due date]” property is updated only when issue’s updated date is changed. If there is no activity with the issue, this property is not recalculated automatically during each incremental import.

Please read more about SLA properties here:

Martins / eazyBI