Wrong results of "Average resolution days"?

I want to look at the resolution days of my tickets.

Wenn I choose “Time” as rows and “Issues resolved” and “Average resolution days” as Measures & columns, I get for “All Times”
593 Issues resolved and after “Drill through issue” on the value of “Average resolution days” I get a list with a row count of 536!

Since both are built in Measures I cannot look at the code. It seems to look like “Average resolution days” ignores tickets that are closed in the same minute they’ve been created. Is this true? Why is this filter built-in?

Thanks and regards, Niklas

Maybe it’s the same basic problem as described in Custom field import of very small numbers that decimals with 0.00 are interpreted as null/no value?

Hi @Niklas,

This is the intended usage of Drill through. Drill through intentionally does not show zero values to avoid too many results for default calculated measures Issues history , Open issues , etc.
We suggest using drill across issue for those measures.

And yes, the very short times under 6 min are rounded to zero when the field measurement unit is day.

Oskars / support@eazyBI.com

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Hi @oskars.laganovskis,

thanks for your help. Now I understand that there are no issues with tickets imported with value null instead of 0.00 but that there is this hiding feature of Drill through issue of very small numbers near 0.00. :bulb:

My test revealed that Average resolution days as well as Measures built by myself upon imported custom fields do count/sum up all the tickets including the ones hidden in Drill through issue. :+1:

Thank you very much, Niklas

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