Administrative Jira analyses

It would be very interesting to have a predefined import for evaluations in relation to JIra users. Since it is not well possible in Jira to evaluate the users (number of users, active/deactivated, group memberships etc.), such a standard would be interesting.

Hi @Zecchino

I agree such analytics would be very interesting.

However, eazyBI creates the data cube based on Jira issues selected for import and some user dimensions (like “Reporter”, “Assignee” etc) are created automatically in that cube, but users in those dimensions come from issues. And members in these dimensions have groups (jira groups) as properties that you could display in your reports.
But if user is not tied to selected issues, it won’t be created in the cube user dimension automatically.
Having said that, eazyBI won’t create a generic user dimension automatically in “Issues” cube, neither you can use the default “Issues” cube to analyz user acitivity.

Perhaps, you could explore the possibility to import data directly from Jira DB using sql select and create a new cube in eazyBI with all Jira users.
Read more about sql import here:

Martins / eazyBI support