Effort monitoring: original planning vs current one

I’m planning activities at beginning of the project (via tasks deployed on future sprints) and want to compare current spent hours vs original spending curve. I’m able to create the table with Sprint the the row (see below); what I’m not able to do is to get the “Estimated hours (@ fixed date)” at the beginning of the project (say it 1 year ago), since if I modify the task scheduling over the future sprint, the estimated hours changes consequently. Is there any way to get such an un-changeable reference?
Thanks, Christian


Hi Christian,

eazyBI does not track the changes in the Original estimated hours. The recommended alternative is to use the Remaining estimated hours history measure allowing us to show the remaining estimate on a specific date.

Perhaps, more details on how you intended to implement the “Estimated hours (@ fixed date)” could show another option for the solution.

Janis, eazyBI support