Filter old issues which have been closed recently

Hi Guys,

I have recently discovered a large number of old issues which were in Investigation status in 2018 and have now been moved to Rejected Status in 2020.

This has caused the average time spent in transition status to skew towards Rejection status since more than 900 or 700 days have been allocated under the transitional change.

I was wondering is there a solution such that we can only look at the issues created in the last 12 months and NOT aggregate issues which consist of issues from 2018 but have been closed in 2020?

This may seem a bit confusing let me show a small example:

As you can see the issue was created in the 2018 but was Rejected in 2020 as a bulk closure, is there any way to just look at 2020 issue status changes?


The most efficient solution to this case is to eliminate the old issues during the data import. You can apply the JQL filter in the data import options, and those issues will not be present in your eazyBI account.

Please, check for more:

Janis, eazyBI support

Hi Janis,

Thanks for getting back to me, just out of curiosity can we apply multiple JQL filter during import? or we can only apply one? also, is it possible to lock the editing of some reports so the reports still work as needed but the JQL filter from the back has been changed?

It is just that I am assuming a JQL filter will affect all reports made in eazyBI and I dont want to override any previously made reports by editing the current JQL filter being used.

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Hi Dave,

Data import options are limited to only one JQL filter in the eazyBI account.
A recommended approach for locking reports to different filters could be to create different accounts. The full re-import with the changed JQL filter in the import would change all the reports’ contents in that account.

There is an alternative discussed in this presentation that you can implement custom calculated Javascript fields and create in one account several new dimensions with the goal of filtering:

See this page for the presentation recording:


Hi Janis,

Thanks for your help, I have gone down the path of reformatting the JQL filter and looking at projects which are needed.

Kind regards,

Dave Rattan