Presentation slides and videos from eazyBI Remote Community Day - Apr 3, 2020

Download and review presentations from the eazyBI Remote Community Day on April 3, 2020.
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Latest eazyBI Features and Future Ideas

The past, the present, and the future of eazyBI – where have we been, where are we going, and what you can expect from eazyBI in the near future.
Opening keynote
Presentation slides: eazyBI Remote Community Day 2020 opening.pdf (2.2 MB)

eazyBI + Confluence: The First Date

Get to know the new member of the eazyBI family. Did you know that collaboration could be measured? You will have a date with eazyBI for Confluence and a few use-cases for dinner.
eazyBI Confluence
Presentation slides: eazyBI Confluence_ The First Date.pdf (2.0 MB)

Jira Admin’s Journey to eazyBI

When Jira admin becomes an eazyBI team member, it is so obvious to look at everything through the Jira admin “eyes”. Find out how did it go and what happened next on the journey.
Jira Admin Journey
Presentation slides: Jira Admin journey to eazyBI.pdf (4.5 MB)

How to Create Smart Reports without MDX

When you are a master of MDX, no report is impossible. Now, using eazyBI new features, smart reports with trends, averages, and other seemingly hard calculations are just a few clicks away! Get familiar with eazyBI hidden gems - standard calculations, drilling into measures and others.
Smart Reports without MDX
Presentation slides: How to create smart reports without MDX.pdf (1.1 MB)
In case you find it more convenient, you can watch the demo report creation separately -

Behind Complex Filters

There might be different ways how you set up each project in Jira. And yet you still would like to see those projects side by side and analyze their performance. In Jira, you reach out to some complex JQL queries. In this session, I will talk about how eazyBI can help you analyze those cases.
Behind Complex Filters
Presentations slides: Behind Complex Filters.pdf (2.5 MB)

Things to Know about the Burn-Down Chart

The burn-down looks like the trend in progress tracking. A lot of different variations of this chart appears. Let us have a look at how those can be covered with eazyBI and dig deeper into how to make your burn-down charts even more flexible.
Burndown charts
Presentation slides: Things to Know About Burndown charts.pdf (2.3 MB)

Don’t Make Me Think About UI

The best User Interface is the one that doesn’t make you think about it, yet to create one WE have to think about UI a lot. The eazyBI UI developer sharing his experience on how we think about UI so our users can think about other things more.
Don't Make Me Think About UI
Presentation slides: Don’t make me think about UI.pdf (2.6 MB)

Managing a Remote Team: eazyBI Experience

How to manage remote work efficiently and effectively? How we built a successful growing company with thousands of customers all around the world without an office? We will share our own experience working fully remotely for 9 years.
Managing Remote Team
Presentation slides: Managing Remote Team 2020.pdf (3.1 MB)

Summary of the Q&A from Zoom and Slack channel is available here - Q&A Summary from Remote eCD 2020.pdf (82.8 KB)

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