Fix version history on issue

We are trying to create a eazybi report that will show the fix version changes on a issue.

for example:

  1. Issue A was part of the current release, but was moved to a different release

  2. Issue B was in future release but was changed to the current release

The report should be able to show all these changes.


Fix version is multi-value field in Jira and we do not support change history for any multi-value fields.
Many customers leave all versions issue was/is in Fix version field. Leaving all versions in Fix version field gives you an option to analyze them in eazyBI.

Daina /

hey diana… since its similar to component … can the solution implemented here can be applied to this:
Fix version history on issue

We would also like this as well. Is there any ETA on this capability?

Hi @max.b,

I can not give any estimates as functionality to support change history for multi-selection fields like Fix version is not on the road map yet.

The duplicating topic in section Feature request:

Zane /

Hi @zane.baranovska, is there any update for this issue. I am waiting for the answer of the version history on report.

Thank you, @yenck, for keeping an eye on this feature request.
I have no news about it. The change history for the Fix version is not on the road map yet.

Zane /