How calculate issues which was in status, but now in different status


I am a very new in MDX queries.

I have a JIRA cube, and i try calculate a funnel of recruitment process.

I put to Rows Statu and calculated measures to Columns.


I was able to calculate how much is ish is now in the status (in), how many was in a certain status (Was Ping)
But I can not calculate the metric (Was In) how much ishju was in the status from Raw but now in a different status.

Please, help.


I understand you would like to represent issue current status and historical statuses. For current status representation, you may use dimension Status and measure Issues created. On the other hand, to analyze issue change history, you might want to use measures and dimension designed for that, like, dimension Transition Status and measure Transition from status issue count.

One approach would be to create two separate reports, one with the current status and another with historical statuses, and place then side by side in the dashboard.

Another approach would be to represent current and previous statuses in one report by defining new calculated measures for each status. For calculations, you may use a tuple of status and measure. For example, to count issues which are currently in status “In” the tuple might look like this:

([Measures].[Issues created],

To count issues which were in status “Ping” a tuple might look like this:

([Measures].[Transitions from status issues count],
[Transition Status].[Ping]) 

Zane /

Hello guys!

Please, may I have some help?

I have a workflow that an issue is sent to approval and may be rejected. If it happens, the issue must be re-worked by the agent and sent to approval again.
I would like to know how to count the number os issues rejected by time.

Something like:


Hi @Yuri_Sant_Ana,

You can analyze a change history of issues over time using historical measures and dimensions. See the list of available measures and dimensions here:
In your case, you might want to use measure Transitions to status with dimension Transition Status or Transition.

Please see a similar use case here: Qa status not appearing in report.

Zane /

Hi @zane.baranovska
Thanks for the orientation.

One of my reports gave me as result the number 22 (it means that transition was used 22 times).
But, I would like to know how many issues did it.

As you can see in my image, the row count is 17. That is the value I’m looking for.
Some issues went through this transition 3 times.
How do I get this report?

@Yuri_Sant_Ana, in this case, you can use measure Transitions to status issues count to get count of issues, which had transitioned to a particular status.


How can i count issues than pass to Done and then come back to In Progress o Pending?


Hi @Eduar_Londono,

You may also count issues that had a particular transition, like, from status “Done” to status “In Progress”. In that case, use dimension Transition and select transition of interest Done => In Progress.

Check out those community posts on similar use cases to count re-opened issues:

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