How to map Jira Issue Keys to Google Sheet Values?

Dear eazyBI folks,

we’re using eazyBI for Jira Cloud and I’d like to enrich Epics from a Jira Issues cube with values from a Google Sheet Source. Unfortunately, the mapping of the Issue Key to the values in the Sheet doesn’t work.

Some of our development efforts are billable to customers, using different rates for different features. I’d like to create a basic invoicing forecast based on booked hours, multiplied by a specific rate (defined per Epic). The rates should come from an external data source, in this case, a Google Sheet.

General Idea of our approach:

  1. First, add a simple attribute to Issues to test mapping between Jira Issues and Google Sheet
  2. Filter all Epics, show only those with the added attribute
  3. Add another attribute representing the rate
  4. Do a multiplication of hours spent and rate

Please see bottom of the post for compiled images.

We can’t get the Jira Key from the Sheet and the Issues cube to map. Could somebody please give us concrete instructions ow how to achieve a mapping between the Jira Issue Key and the external sheet?

1. The general structure of the Google Sheet (example data): see (1)

2. The first try of mapping the Sheet Column to Issues dimensions by the simple Issue Key. This resulted in an import, error-less but without results too, seen here please: (2)

3. I tried mapping it using Key and Name of the Issue as well, something, as I’ve understood, was suggested by Mārtiņš in this thread here: Unable to map with "ISSUES" dimension under "External source data mapping"

Note that “Issue” dimension member names contain both Issue key and summary in a string.
That would mean your external source needs to have the same value to map with Issue dimension members.

But that resulted in an error like this: see (3)

How to resolve this? Is our source mapping wrong? Is it that we’re trying to map to Epics only? If not, how do we need to phrase the ID to make the mapping work? Your help is highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Apparently I can only put one image per post as a new user. I’ve compiled a quick hack to achieve that :wink:

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Hi @martins.vanags, do you have some insight you can share in this case, please? It’s getting kind of a pressing issue for us.

Thank you

Hi Christian,

I believe the “skip missing” option is needed in your import definition (when mapping data from your Google sheets)

It should import rates only to epics and ignore missing entries.

Please check also this article (“Rates import for a user” part):

Martins / eazyBI support team