Indicator SLA - major and blocking

I designed SLA indicators for blocking open tickets and for the main open tickets.

I also made SLA indicators for the major closed ticket and for the closed blocking ticket.

For major SLAs (ticket open or closed) I use the results “Interval resolution” the problem with this question is that when I define a number of days example: 0-7 days to define the SLA it runs for all my SLA containing the result “Resolution interval”

Do you have an idea that could solve my problem or another solution to advise me to do SLA indicators?

I thank you in advance


The Resolution interval dimension in build on the default resolution time in Jira, which is from the issue creation date till the resolution is set. The filtering in this interval dimension happens regardless of the SLAs defined in your data.

The solution to show the issues by the time ranges in your SLA would require the creation of a custom interval dimension from the time elapsed in the SLA. This solution requires a custom Javascript code that collects the time spent in SLA cycles and creates the interval dimension from this value. Please, find here more information on how to do that:

We suggest contacting eazyBI support for such a use case if you need more detailed guidance on how to proceed with the custom Javascript calculation.

Janis, eazyBI support