Presentation slides from eazyBI Community Day 2019 in Las Vegas

Review and download presentations from eazyBI Community Day 2019 in Las Vegas.
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Opening Keynote, Latest Features, Future Plans

Latest eazyBI features and hidden gems you did not know about. The past, the present, and the future of eazyBI – where have we been, where are we going, and what you can expect from eazyBI in a near future.
010 Opening Keynote, Latest Features, Future Plans.pdf (3.9 MB)

Add eazyBI to Your DevOps Tools Stack

DevOps mindset opens new possibilities for teams to improve productivity. eazyBI can assist you to measure and visualize quality of changes introduced when using Atlassian DevOps tools.
020 Add eazyBI to Your DevOps Tools Stack.pdf (1.2 MB)

Get eazyBI Accounts Back on Track

How many accounts do you have? Are there too many or not enough? Right account setup is a cornerstone to get smooth reports for the right users. And did you know that you can analyze eazyBI with eazyBI?
030 Get eazyBI Accounts Back on Track.pdf (1.9 MB)

Understanding Tuples

What is a tuple and why at eazyBI support we love them. Dive in to some real life examples with MDX.
042 Understanding Tuples.pdf (724.2 KB)

It’s About Time

Without time, everything would happen at once. Witness how you may integrate the Time dimension in your everyday reporting.
051 It’s About Time.pdf (1.7 MB)

Translating JQL Queries to eazyBI Reports

Do you use JQL? Did you know there are patterns how to translate the queries in nice-looking eazyBI reports and charts? The presentation with the hands-on demonstration will show that!
052 Translating JQL Queries to eazyBI Reports.pdf (1.1 MB)

Demo Account - Ready, Set, Go

We have lot of examples in our eazyBI demo account. Come to learn tips and tricks on how to customize these reports to fit your reporting needs.
061 Demo Account - Ready, Set, Go.pdf (775.7 KB)

MDX Debugging - How to See Through Calculated

Do you ever wonder how calculated measure works and gets to the result? You will learn principles on how to disassemble the calculation to see the results of each step and how to find a faulty part in a formula to fix it.
062 MDX Debugging - How to See Through Calculated .pdf (1.7 MB)

Do’s and Don’ts of Data Visualization

How to turn your numbers into knowledge? Your job is not only to separate noise from the data, but also to present it the right way. How do you choose the right chart type and how to use different charts effectively? The do’s and don’ts or data visualization.
070 Do’s and Don’ts of Data Visualization.pdf (4.9 MB)

Why Sharing is Caring?

From data dictatorship to data democracy — a path to take when you care about your team enough to put your efforts and share data within all your organization. In eazyBI, we are strong believers in open data and transparency.
080 Why Sharing is Caring?.pdf (3.2 MB)

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