eazyBI Community Day 2023: Recordings and Presentations

The eazyBI Community Days 2023 are now over. It was two days of fun, inspiration, and education with the eazyBI experts and community. Thanks to all who joined us. If you could not make it, feel free to watch recorded sessions.

1. Raimonds Simanovskis - Opening Keynote, Latest Features, Future Plans

Join Raimonds in the opening keynote to explore the past, present, and future of eazyBI. Discover where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and what you can expect from eazyBI in the near future.

2. Zane Baranovska, Ilze Leite-Apine - The More the Merrier: eazyBI Integration With Jira Apps

Harness the power of the Atlassian ecosystem with eazyBI. Align reporting across projects, teams, and apps. Explore your data from Jira, Confluence, and other Marketplace apps, answer questions, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions.

eCD2023_eazyBI_Integrations_with_Jira_apps.pdf (1.6 MB)

3. Elvis Kvalbergs - The Power of Embedded Analytics: eazyBI for ERP World

We all know that eazyBI charts can be embedded into other systems, but what are the technical and visual challenges involved? Learn about the story behind Estonian ERP software StandardBooks and their partner, flex.bi, who have implemented eazyBI charts to impress ERP users, specifically small business owners. Discover how automated subscription, activation, and integration ensure easy and natural access to eazyBI.

4. Joachim Bollen - Beyond ITSM: Service Management and Reporting in a non-IT Environment

Taking Jira Service Management out of its comfort zone and applying it in an industrial environment can be quite challenging. However, the Service Management principles can benefit all service-oriented businesses. Let’s find out how the power of JSM and eazyBI, combined with a good mindset and approach, enables you to implement efficient service processes in any industry.

5. Elita Kalāne - Where Did the Time Go: Discover Issue Cycles

Time is valueable asset, and the answer to a question “where did the time go?” helps to understand flaws in a business process. If you can measure it - you can improve it! In this presentation, you will learn about measuring issues traveling through time, defining and using Issue cycles, and building reports that allows to take back ownership of your time.

eCD2023_Issue Cycles.pdf (581.2 KB)

6. Roberts Čāčus - I Want My Custom Fields, and I Want Them Now!

Creating reports based on Jira custom fields is a fundamental cornerstone of eazyBI reporting: custom fields often contain answers to your unique business questions. Getting custom fields to the final reports is not always a stroll in the park. Learn how to get your custom fields into eazyBI the easy way!

eCD2023_Custom_Fields.pdf (3.8 MB)

7. Nauris Mālītis - Making Sense of Unstructured Data: Using JavaScript in eazyBI

You can import and analyze Jira data based on measures, dates, users, teams, and other identifiable attributes. However, how can we uncover and analyze the data that may be hidden in plain sight? Let’s explore various techniques for modifying data to make it suitable for analysis.

eCD2023_Making_Sense_of_Unstructured_Data.pdf (2.2 MB)

8. Lauma Cīrule, Mārtiņš Vanags - Reaching for the Stars With Data-Driven Customer Support

Have you ever wondered what gives your products top-star ratings? Is it the product itself, or is it the people? Whenever customer and company relationships thrive, customers give out the stars and their good feedback.Instead of guessing what makes good support, let us focus on a data-driven approach. How can we analyze customer conversations, see trends, prioritize the development backlog, improve the documentation, and finally make product development decisions, so we all reach the stars.

eCD2023_Reaching_Stars.pdf (5.0 MB)

9. Oskars Laganovskis - Going Beyond 3D: Reporting in Multi-Dimensional Data Cube

Before diving into the creation of complex reports and calculations, it’s essential to understand the concept of a multi-dimensional data cube and its building blocks. Start by warming up with the basics of retrieving data from a multi-dimensional data cube.

eCD2023_MDX.pdf (2.1 MB)

10. Gvido Neilands - How to Write MDX Queries: A Step-by-Step Process

Writing MDX queries is not just a “thing you know”. It’s a process that requires different kinds of knowledge and expertise. During the presentation I will show you what you need to know for every step of the process and see how different types of knowledge are applied at every stage. We’ll take a problem and provide a detailed explanation of how to create a solution using MDX queries.

11. Zane Baranovska - Advanced MDX: Recipe to Change Report Context

In this training session we’ll learn about relationships in eazyBI. Measures are at the center of it all, with unique relations to all dimensions. Sometimes, to answer your question, you need to redefine those relationships. Let me show you how to create new relations and connect measures with dimensions differently when defining new custom measures.

eCD2023_Context_change.pdf (2.7 MB)

12. Jānis Plūme - Flexible Custom Formulas: How to Use VisibleRows and VisibleColumns

Let’s continue mastering your calculation toolbox! eazyBI has introduced new functions to cover additional use cases when designing your custom formulas. Let us have a closer look on how VisibleRows and VisibleColumns functions work and what new horizon those functions unleash. Discover how to take your custom formulas to the next level and optimize your reporting with eazyBI.

eCD2023_Visible_Rows.pdf (2.1 MB)

13. Gerda Grantiņa - All Paws on Deck: Discover Data Mapping

At eazyBI, we use our apps daily to analyze data from our Jira backlog and Confluence documentation. However, what do we do when the data we want to explore is stored somewhere else? How can we bring them into eazyBI? Let’s explore data mapping through eazyBI pets and see if we are more of a cat or a dog company and what other surprises are hidden in the eazyBI pet back office.

eCD2023_Discover_Data_Mapping.pdf (3.4 MB)

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